California State University Long Beach

Long Beach, CA

BA in General Arts, June 2000

Cum Laude


Tecrom Designs (Freelance)

3D Modeler and Traditional Sculptor 

July 2006 – Current 

Garden Grove, CA

  • Evaluate client concepts and confirm expectations of digital work or traditional sculpture
  • Refine preliminary model based on client feedback 
  • Finalize design for client approval
  • Prepare models for 3D Printing; correct digital errors, verify tolerances and confirm functionality
  • Developed, modeled and put to market products Officially Licensed by Hasbro Toys

Creations Ink 

Assistant Sculptor

May 2000 – Dec. 2000

Santa Ana, CA

  • Assisted senior staff with the sculpture of toys, maquettes and movie props  
  • Aided team with mold making, casting and product preparation

Pan African Art Studios 

Art Director/Instructor

Jan. 2000 – May 2000   

Long Beach, CA

  • Developed art curriculum for studio patrons
  • Taught drawing, painting and sculpture
  • Explored Art History and Art Fundamentals (i.e. forms, perspective, lighting and color theory)


AMC Mortgage Services 

Loan Research Specialist

Mar. 2005 – June 2006

Orange, CA

  • Assessed borrower and third party correspondence
  • Researched and corrected misapplied funds
  • Adjusted borrower payments and issued fees or refunds as needed
  • Dictated and forwarded return correspondence with issue resolution

Ameriquest Mortgage

Quality Assurance Trainer and Customer Service Associate

Feb. 2003 – Mar. 2005

Orange, CA

  • Developed new hire curriculum in accordance with mortgage servicing standards
  • Instructed new hires in proper loan servicing procedures
  • Maintained new hire progress reports and issued standardized tests
  • Assessed material retention through observation and remote monitoring
  • Provided customer support to Ameriquest Mortgage Clientele
  • Facilitated initial customer contact following loan Setup or assumption

Metro-One Telecommunications

Associate Operator

Jan. 2002- Jan. 2003

Tustin, CA

  • Maintained client accounts, scheduled appointments and confirmed reservations 
  • Provided directory assistance, driving directions, traffic updates and weather forecasts 

Rapid Text

Script Editor

Jul. 2001 – Dec. 2001

Newport Beach, CA

  • Edited production scripts for proper media content and format
  • Facilitated associate training and approved production edits  
  • Processed and finalized timestamp calibrations for close caption mastering

Script to Screen

Production Assistant and Assistant Art Director

Jan. 2001 – June 2001

Santa Ana, CA

  • Aided in set design, product preparation, location scouting, talent casting and Call Sheet
  • Provided shuttle service, deliveries, craft services, cue cards and general assistance to cast & crew


ZBRUSH, DAZ 3D, Netfabb and Clip Studio Paint


  • Specialized in organic 3D modeling with an emphasis on human anatomy
  • Skilled in creating inorganic models with a hard edge appearance 
  • Proficient in building non-CAD parts that may be keyed together after 3D printing
  • Expert in building “water tight” 3D models optimal for 3D printing
  • Experienced in re-imagining existing properties while maintaining the integrity of the original
  • Able to conceptualize and efficiently translate client needs into a three dimensional representation


  • Granted 36 individual Licenses for models created based on Hasbro’s intellectual properties including Dungeons & Dragons, G.I. Joe and Transformers