Showcasing Tecrom Designs

Showcasing Tecrom Designs

Showcasing Tecrom DesignsShowcasing Tecrom DesignsShowcasing Tecrom Designs

About Me


My Background

I’m a true child of the ‘80s. Growing up in the decade of MTV, Knight Rider, and Saturday Morning Cartoons; the best part of my childhood was reliving the adventures I saw on Television in plastic. Whether I was Duke leading the G.I. Joe Team in search of Cobra’s Temple Alpha or Optimus Prime facing off against Megatron- I loved the toys of my youth and the joy they brought me. As I grew older, I wanted to recreate that same kind of magic for the younger generation, so I went to Art School and became an Artist. Today I live the dream; creating toys and writing fiction!


My Medium

Although I’m a formally trained traditional sculptor; proficient in Clay, Sculpey, and Wax- today, I primarily model digitally. I’ve been 3D Printing my work for over a decade now and the ability to create complex models with keyed parts has made the technology invaluable. 


My Inspiration

I love Pop Culture! Much of my work is directly inspired by the most iconic characters of today and the heroes of yesteryear. Whether my creation springs from the pages of a comic book, video game or cartoon- I take pride in my ability to recreate or re-imagine 2D works into tangible 3D objects. Additionally, my love of storytelling and the written word, drives me to create worlds I could only imagine in my youth. The sky's the limit!